My Greek Tom & Eggs

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Greek eggsSunday mornings are my day to have a breakfast treat. I normally hanker for something egg based and this is one of the scrummiest comfort food breakfasts the Greeks have. If tomatoes are not in season or you don’t have any in stock tinned tomatoes work just as well.

My secret is the addition of the Greek yoghurt in my recipe. I always add a little in my scrambled eggs and omelette’s, it makes the eggs so beautifully creamy without the added calories of cream or butter. I also want to point out that the honey in this recipe is optional but in the same way that the Italians add a pinch of sugar to their tomato sauce the honey brings out the rich tomato flavour really well, especially if you are using tinned.

Try the recipe the next time you fancy having scrambled eggs for something a little different or as a smart way to get extra goodness into your kid’s diet.

Serves 2


4 Eggs

Olive oil

2 Large tomatoes, diced

1 Teaspoon Greek Yoghurt

1 Teaspoon oregano

1 Teaspoon of fresh chopped parsley

Half a teaspoon of Honey (optional)


In a bowl whisk the eggs, Greek yoghurt and herbs together, season as required and set aside

Put a frying pan on a medium to high heat and leave to get hot.

Once the pan is hot enough add a small glug of olive oil. Immediately add the tomatoes, they will sizzle and smoke when first added.

The tomatoes will need to stay on the high heat for around 5-10 minutes but keep stirring occasionally so that it does not burn. The idea is to get as much of the liquid to evaporate as possible. Once it starts to look like a bit of a dehydrated tomato sauce add the Honey.

Finally you can add in your egg mixture and stir in the same way you would if making standard scrambled eggs (I know everyone has their own style. I personally leave it for a minute and then stir frantically).

Once cooked serve on thick slices of your favourite toasted bread. I find a rye mixed bread works best. Or if you are looking for a carb free option baby gem salad boats are a great way to serve these also.

Top Tip: Folding in spinach to the eggs or simply adding it on your bread works really well for that added nutrition boost.


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