All About Sugar – Should you learn to say no?

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no sugarAs I stated in my ‘about me’ section I am refined Sugar free. I gave up around 4 years ago due to health reasons, tried to reintroduce it and realised that life is actually better without sugar.

So many of my female friends and family go through spats where they feel constantly exhausted no matter what they do (Particularly at a certain time of the month). I was one of these women; in fact I was the worst of the bunch. I found myself always moaning how tired I was and banging on about how lucky I would be if I got to have a nap. Sometimes it was as though I was a premature oldie, and believe me people sure let me know that this was the case, friends are charmers at time.

I never knew what caused my tiredness; consuming sugar would probably have never even made the list of probable causes as we all associate sugar as a pick me up and as something that gives us energy right? Not something that takes it away. So like most of us I just made an educated guess and put it down to having some sort of deficiency, Iron in my case. Yet any type of Iron supplement I tried didn’t work. Read the rest of this entry »