My Food Style


Ever since my family have been giving me a kick up the behind to start a food blog I have been giving a lot of thought to what my food style is. I know I eat well and I know that I have a passion for Greek food due to my heritage but I love ALL food. So at first trying to come up with my niche almost felt like I was turning my back on so many opportunities to eat and cook every type of food under the sun, which believe me I would be happy to do!

The more I thought about it and really took note of what I generally cook and eat on a daily basis. I slowly started to see that there was a pattern. My food style is exactly the same as my life style (amazing realisation moment happened right here) and there is only one word that sums it all up. “Balanced”

I like a little bit of everything and care about the nutritional qualities of the food I choose to put in my mouth, it’s not about just eating one superfood and thinking that will make you healthy. It’s about exposing your body of a concoction of goodness day in, day out to be the best you can be. I also believe that with the right balance and not being too extreme in either your diet or your exercise. You can feel the best you have ever been while enjoying the most amazing lifestyle.

When it comes to what not to eat I have not intentionally cut out any food groups however there are a few foods I have already told you about that I do not eat for the basic reason that my body tells me that it doesn’t want it. (I waffle on about these foods in more detail below, you lucky things)

So to sum it all up my food style is Mediterranean clean eating with fun and balance (a twist)

My Greek way

When we think about amazing Mediterranean food over here in the UK we think Italian and Provencal, with Greek food getting a pretty bad gig, or none at all. I have been to a fair few Greek chains over here and if I didn’t know any different I would totally be the same. The food is all fried and one big calorie fest. But when done right with the simple clean flavours of the islands you will be totally turned on. Before I start (continue) banging on about Greece and the food I just wanted to say that I am in no way trying to suggest that I am a pure Greek nor that I am an expert in all things Greek. What I am saying is that I have a love of the food and culture and want to share it in my own way. You will see that a lot of my recipes will have an Anula twist and will not be 100% authentic Greek. But isn’t that the beauty of our modern food culture? That we have that flexibility to get influence from all over the globe and make something unique with our own stamp?

To me Greece is about family. Over here in the UK we all go and hang out with our friends and have family dinner once a week at best. Over there it is completely reversed. The YiaYia (grandmother) will be busy working in the kitchen creating some amazing smelling foods. The girls will help out or if young enough will get away with playing on the farm while the men will either be out working or sitting around the table watching TV(typical right?) while tormenting their selves with the amazing aromas even though they have to wait hours for the feast. And when I say feast the Greeks really did create the definition of the word.

greek meze

The thing I love about going over there on holiday is that the Greek hospitality is second to none, everyone has to leave with a full belly and a smile on their face, trust me the smile at this point is more like the pain of your stomach waiting to explode but to the YiaYia this is necessity otherwise her job is not done. The sure fire way to achieve her goal is by creating the traditional Greek meze. Lot’s of small plates of wonderment much like tappas on a mega scale, this way everyone gets to eat their favourite food. The calamari, tzakizi, dolmades…. The list goes on. And not to mention the Famous Greek salad and shot of Ouzo to round it off nicely. Being a nation of fisherman and farmers there is still very much a self-sufficient culture which means that the food is fresh, in season and nutritious so there is no need to mess around and make things complicated when all the tools for deliciousness are already in front of you.

In the modern day and age having a meze on a daily basis is out of the question, firstly we are not busy in the baking sun working off all those calories and secondly time is always of the essence. I mean my family and I only manage our “Greek Feast” as we call it maybe 3-4 times a year. For the rest of the year it is all about picking the best qualities of the Greek cuisine and using them in everyday life. I have jotted down my favourite ingredients on a separate page so have a flick through and when you look through my recipes hopefully you will start to see what I mean in terms of the use of few yet good quality ingredients. 



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